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ProBoat online podcast September 6


ProBoats Events Online has now posted our 40 minute presentation and the Q&A session following that discusses the new lightning protection standard to be published before October 1 by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) as NFPA780-2008.  See our Standards page for more details about the review procedure, including the actual preliminary wording in the new standard.  This is a significant improvement over the old and is based on the simple premise that the lightning protection system on a boat should follow principles that are consistent with those applied, with much more effectiveness, to buildings.


Subject to sufficient demand, we plan to use the feedback from this podcast to develop a course sequence dealing with implementation of the new standard.  This also will be hosted by Professional one of their ProBoat E-Training courses with fees and CEU credits dependent on the course length.  Possible topics include the basic science, engineering specifications, materials, components, and installation techniques.  Please contact ProBoat if you are interested in this course being offered.




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